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Psychology appointments available in Birmingham and by Skype

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Psychology services

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Young people

I help adolescents to gain self-esteem and beat anxiety, eating disorders and harmful habits

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Whether you're experiencing anxiety, depression or trauma, I can help

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I work with families to overcome life's challenges, such as bereavement and divorce

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Clinical supervision

I'm available for clinical supervision and offer training on psychological trauma, attachment and personality disorders

Clients' art and poetry

Thank you to my wonderful clients who have shared their experiences to support
and inspire others during this challenging time.

Thank-you notes

"Dr Francesca was brilliant at nudging me towards introspection... It was a transformative experience"

“It was like putting pieces of a jigsaw back together”

“The first time you put me in front of the mirror I thought… What? Then I saw how broken I was and realised I needed to give that person a hug”

New service: Psychological assessmentsClipboard icon

If you're considering a medication with mood-related side effects, or planning cosmetic surgery, your doctor may request a psychological assessment.

An assessment involves psychometric tests and a clinical interview to identify any individual vulnerabilities or risks of unwanted effects.

I also welcome referrals from health professionals, such as dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons.

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“I will always be with you… and care for you”

BabyImage reproduced with the permission of the subject. All rights reserved.

08 March 2024

The word compassion comes from ‘com’ (with) and ‘passion’ (suffer). It means to suffer together. Nonetheless, compassion goes beyond just suffering as it involves accepting suffering and wanting to help. As described by Prof. Paul Gilbert (Gilbert et al., 2014), compassion involves two parts engagement (turning toward pain and suffering) and alleviation (taking action to relieve pain and suffering).

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Snow and mindfulness

IdentityCredit: Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

09 March 2023

I love the snow! It inevitably changes things around us (including transport issues!) and I like to notice them. You can try to do this practice (one, some or all of the six steps listed below) by going outside or by sitting/standing by your window:


  1. how does the snow make things look?
  2. what does the snow smell like?
  3. what does the snow taste like?
  4. how does the snow make things sound?
  5. how does the snow feel in your hands?
  6. …and if you are outside, how does the space feel around you?

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Being me feels like...

IdentityCredit: Reproduced with the consent of the illustrator. Reuse not permitted without consent.

30 September 2022

I asked one of my clients to describe how they see themself. After a long sigh, they explained that it was simply too hard to describe the nothingness and shapelessness they see. ‘The only word I can think of is …frazzled.’

‘Sounds frightening,’ I said and we continued exploring this theme.

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